Social cooking at a whole new level

Case: ImP approached us with a request to digitize their workflow and ...
  • Client: ImP
  • Year: 2016 - today



ImP approached us with a request to ....

MyGreatRecipies is your #1 recipe collection! The app and website help you search 100.000+ great recipes, save recipe favorites, create new recipes and share recipes with family & friends.

The powerful search engine ranks all recipes with a unique quality review algorithm based on data from different social media. It suggests refined search groups and can filter in different categories. In addition to searching recipes you can also search collections and profiles.

All recipes are presented in one unified and attractive format, but depending on the source some recipes will have a link to the ingredients and/or directions to the recipe food website or food blog.

You will be able to like, review and comment on a recipe. You will be able to save recipe favorites in your profile, create collections and share them. You will also be able to do individual recipe sharing using Messenger and invite Facebook friends.

If you’re searching the web and come across a recipe you like, you can easily save it on MyGreatRecipes by pasting its link on your profile. You also can create a new recipe using the step-by-step wizard. Either way you will help MyGreatRecipes increase the number of recipes in the search engine.

A cloud based website and app for iOS and Android handheld devices.


All business logic and functionality is built on Alite Internationals innovative cloud based Typhoon X platform that utilize the flexibility of micro services. It can easily scale and add new functions seamless without the need of service downtime.