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Case: Case: Nederman approached us with a request to digitize their workflow and ...
  • Client: Nederman
  • Year: 2016 - today



Nederman approached us with a request to ....

  • Increase global competition
  • Diminish margins
  • Technology development stagnated(more of the same)

What did we do?

  • New revenue streams
  • New technology
  • Use what already exist

What was the outcome?

  • Vision statement
  • 9 value propositions
  • Backed up with research
  • Early POC

Derived data

Enhancing current data management

  • Ability to derive data from sensor measurements in real-time with data collection
  • Allow derived data to be used on Dashboard
  • Allow derived data to be used on Rule engine

Further capabilities using derived data:

  • State awareness features:
    • Rules not executed while system is not running
    • Data storage optimization
  • Energy optimization
  • Trend predictions

Industrial Equipments and Sensors library

Front End

  • Search/manage equipment data from a page
  • Search/manage sensors data from a page
  • Extend templates with equipment libraries graphical elements

Back end

  • Enhance rapid creation with equipment data
  • Equipment inventory data management
  • Plug and Play capabilities, to automatically associate equipment and sensor data to equipment in dashboards