Ai driven food app with advanced photo recognition technology built for millennials

Case: IMP, a well-established creator of products related to recipes & cookery, was in need of digital transformation...
  • Client: IMP
  • Year: 2016 - today



IMP, a well-established creator of products related to recipes & cookery, was in need of digital transformation, but the question was “How to get to millennials in the digital era?” The answer was - an AI powered food app.

PixFood uses advanced photo recognition and complex machine learning to provide the best recipe choices for millennials. The app aims to improve millennials’ everyday life by providing them with tailor-made recipes that fit their food preferences.

The idea for such a unique product came as a result of deep research and years of experience in the field. One of the conclusions we came to was that home cooking was in desperate need of a  more automated, customized and personalized approach.


PixFood’s target group is millennials. We conducted an in-depth research that helped us understand our target group and create a very detailed user journey. Our vision is to make PixFood the digital companion that understands the context of users’ everyday life and habits and recommend the right meal at the right time in an immersive way.

For example, it understands that if you open the app at 4pm on Monday and it's not a holiday, it will recommend you a meal based on your preferences that you can prepare at home in no time. The on-boarding is quite simple, as PixFood uses machine learning to make the right recommendation.


Those “No idea what to cook” moments will be long gone thanks to PixFood.

PixFood turns the search for the perfect meal into a fun exploration through a super intuitive process that starts with taking a photo of the ingredient you want to cook with. It understands the image instantly and delivers a recipe you’ll love.

It’s fast, easy & fun! 

The main goal is to provide users with personalized recipes that will allow them to cook healthy, quick & easy, and most importantly, delicious meals!

There are three main indicators that lead us to the right types of recipes:

  • Time. Time is of great significance and the recipes are carefully chosen to adapt to today’s busy and hectic lifestyle.
  • Healthy, easy and tasty recipes. The goal is to have healthy recipes that will fit users’ taste, needs and boost their energy on a daily basis.
  • Breathtaking recipes. Users love to share their experience across social media. Now, they can, and they’ll feel like pro chefs!

The app gives you a totally new approach like no other food app out there on the market.


PixFood is built with TyphoonX, a breakthrough technology platform that enables addition of new features and functionalities faster than any other traditionally-built platform. It’s easily scalable, fast and built to optimize the hosting and running costs.

  • Scalable (can serve 10,000 or 100 million+ users)
  • Fast (hosted close to users for fastest response time)
  • Expandable (easily add/remove features)
  • Flexible (costs are automatically adjusted to usage)
  • Always on (zero downtime)

  • PixFood was launched on Product Hunt on August 13, 2018, finishing in the top 3 hunts for the day.
  • It has over 25,000 downloads in record time.
  • The content is carefully selected and it contains high quality original videoscreated by professional chefs and produced in-house. Each recipe suggestion shows the cooking process step-by-step, an ingredients list and which diet the recipe is suitable for.

  • The user experience is simple and fun: it starts with users taking a photo of any ingredient they want to cook withand then getting tailored recipe suggestions. The more users use the app, the more personalized recipes they get.
  • The app is built on a breakthrough scalable technology platform that can easily facilitate the addition of new features and functionalities.
  • The monetization model is based on in-app advertisement together with in-app premium experience.