Life insurance D2C portal

Case: SwissRe approached us with a request to digitize their workflow and ...
  • Client: SwissRe
  • Year: 2016 - today



SwissRe D2C Portal is ....

our latest digitization initiative within the finance industry. With the help of technology, we are shortening the time-to-market for insurance products. D2C web portal based on Sitecore and TyphoonX platforms connects different systems and offers a unique and optimized customer journey. Web site analytics, profiling and web site personalization ensure high conversion rates through close interaction with the end-users. Modular, optimized and easy scalable back-end solution hides all the complexity of the business process and makes the D2C portal a true choice for many different insurance distribution partner companies.

Customer Journey

Engage with the customer and collect policy relevant info in an optimized way.

Quote Engine

Real time quoting engine that implements algorithms for quote, projection and policy calculation with immediate response.


A proven automated and manual underwriting process is part of our customer journey

Self Service

Part of the portal that offers the customers detailed information about policies and beneficiaries.

Web analytics

We implement a solid marketing strategy customized for each insurance distribution partner.

Sales call centers

We track and profile end-users in real-time and build the customer base in various CRM systems like Salesforce.

Data protection

We care about the security and data protection policies.

Data analytics

Reporting business intelligence, reporting, and analytical processing is part of our big data advanced analytics.


API Gateway enables us to easily implement and track B2B service connectors.


Predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, co-browsing and much more!