We do not just provide services to transfer business organizations and data to the cloud – we take it to a whole new level by helping organizations identify, launch and scale new businesses, disrupting industries and create new revenue streams.


Alite International is a cloud-native consultancy that focuses on providing solutions to businesses enabling them to exploit the potential of the cloud and its native features, whilst adopting an optimal Cloud Operating Model at the same time.

We help businesses migrate to the cloud and provide strategy, support and maintenance where needed.


Alite International offers services across these key categories:

Alite International has developed end-to-end ready solutions for Security, DevOps and Monitoring.

AWS partnership

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with the proven capability to design, build, deploy and manage cloud architecture on AWS.

Our team of AWS certified engineers, architects, and developers work alongside you to design your next cloud project no matter how specific and sophisticated your needs may be. Our AWS experts can help you redesign your operations, migrate and manage them on the cloud regardless of the industry you are in.

Cloud Strategy

The time for the cloud is now.

Cloud computing continues to disrupt the traditional world of IT and transform the way companies across all verticals and sizes are doing business. Cloud services are no longer the future of IT, they are the present. Moving to the cloud provides companies with more agility, elasticity, potential cost savings, and the ability to expand their business footprint and develop a global reach to customers. We see opportunities in every challenge and we are always aiming towards helping others make a difference. 

Since our clients and their necessities are Alite’s number one priority, we approach each project from a different perspective. Our devoted team of AWS experts works closely with you to define the most optimal and innovative solution.

Depending on your needs, we will guide your cloud strategy and roadmap development to facilitate your decisions on:

  • How to use the full potential of cloud
  • What architecture should you use
  • Which applications are the best fit
  • Which cloud technologies are right for your application and infrastructure requirements
  • Whether it would be beneficial, to begin with – a proof of concept
  • How to phase your adoption of the cloud
  • How to do cloud cost and capacity planning

Contact us to see how Alite can help you develop the right cloud strategy and roadmap for your organisation.

Cloud-Native Development

The trend of a rapid shift to cloud drives the companies to move faster towards it. However, in order to get the most of the innovative cloud services, it is required to adopt a cloud-native development. The race for business transformation is happening in real-time. Even though most of the companies are in experimental mode and are still learning the technologies, they are changing their approach towards development and operations.

Cloud-native applications are a collection of small, independent, and loosely coupled services. They are designed to deliver well-recognised business value, like the ability to rapidly incorporate user feedback for continuous improvement. In short, cloud-native app development aims to help companies speed up the way they:

  • build new applications
  • migrate the workload to cloud
  • transform from monolithic to microservices
  • optimise existing cloud-native applications

Its goal is to deliver apps that users want at the pace of their business needs. The in-depth knowledge of a high-level programming language is not sufficient anymore if it is not combined with a deep understanding of the cloud-native software architecture like:

  • Scalability and Reliability
  • Containers, Microservices and Serverless
  • Data Architecture
  • Adopt DevOps culture
  • Cloud Security

Alite International develops, automates, and deploys to AWS, supporting the full applications lifecycle. We leverage the full plate of AWS services like AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, S3, Aurora Serverless, API Gateway to build cohesive and modern solutions.

The key to the success of cloud-native development is the ability to innovate quickly while modernising using existing investments. Alite will help you deliver at scale and at a lower cost.

If clients require ongoing support, Alite offers managed services to support their mobile solutions including development and infrastructure management.

IoT Services

IoT – The Spectrum of Opportunity

The Internet of Things makes the world around us smarter and more responsive, combining the digital and physical universes. But not just that, it also creates a lot of value. Whether you’re considering an IT transformation or you are hoping to innovate and generate new revenue streams, the process is long and pricey.

A well-crafted IoT solution can help you in both scenarios.

  • In a transformation, it will enable you to automate processes, decrease manual work and use your data for other future innovations.
  • On the innovative side, the potential reflects on predictive and preventive thinking, AI, ML, Robotics and other opportunities.

As well as delivering IoT solutions, Alite can also help you with the strategy, design thinking, technology implementation, and maintenance.

Our IoT Stack is constructed to enable you to:

  • Open APIs and monetise services towards buyers, suppliers, users, etc.
  • Be Pro-active in service and support
  • Use AI and ML, combine device data with other data
  • Predict activities including orders, purchases, staffing, etc.
  • Improve internal product development 
  • Form a service base for customers

Find out more about Custom IoT Solutions here

DevOps and Automation

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases the organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organisations to better serve their customers so they can compete on the market much more effectively.

The AWS Cloud enables you to embrace DevOps and experiment frequently as you develop, deploy, and improve your services and solutions on AWS using DevSecOps principles. By leveraging AWS services like AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudBuild, AWS CloudPipeline, and Terraform, you can spin up resources as you need them on AWS, meaning you can very quickly develop and roll out new offerings yourself. You can experiment often, fail fast, and build on solutions that succeed, expanding your business to new areas.

Our team of engineers, architects, and developers have achieved the highest level of AWS certifications – Certified DevOps Engineer Professional and Certified SysOps Administrator Associate, so when you engage Alite International, you’ll be working with our most competent experts. We execute this process by:

  • Using the principal concepts and practices behind the DevOps methodology;
  • Designing and implementing an infrastructure on AWS that supports multiple DevOps development pipelines;
  • Leveraging automated testing in different stages of a CI/CD pipeline;
  • Fine-tuning the applications you deliver on AWS for high performance
  • Using AWS tools and technologies to monitor your application and environment for potential issues during cloud-native development. 

AWS Public Support Statement

Alite is proud to be recognised as an AWS Advanced Consulting partner of choice that can educate and support customers as they make the transition from cloud experimentation to running their most important mission-critical applications and workloads on the AWS Cloud. Through embracing AWS innovations and combining them with our business agility we aim to bring additional value to end customers.

We do have capabilities and competencies as well as skilled resources with hands-on experience gained in several cloud-native projects. The key to the success of cloud-native development is the ability to innovate quickly while modernising using existing investments.

If you want to learn more about our services, let us know!