Knowing how to use data

I always say that the case of making a service or product relevant to the actual need of the user, in his specific context, is more like a dynamic puzzle where pieces are constantly reshuffled.

In our days there is a plethora of platforms that marketeers and brands can, hypothetically, use to reach the audience they would like to address better than ever. At the same time, everybody is talking about the importance of data. We live in a time where everyone is thirsty for data and we are keen to generate and gather as much as possible. From wearables to smart apps, from hyper connected devices and places to connected cars, everything is designed to generate more data. Data that is stored in various formats and most of the brands wish to have access to it.

What is important to have in mind is that it is not about the amount of data that is gathered but about the format, the structure and how it can be used. It is not uncommon that brands or publishers find themselves with tons of data that are either in silos, isolated data lakes or without structure, making it nearly impossible to use.

People tend to forget that even when you have the data in the right format and structure, what really matters is what you are going to do with it, and what kind of methods you are going to apply as an organisation or as a team facing various challenges in order to extract the proper insights. Having the right insights in your hands will let you, not only start connecting the dots in a much more creative way, but also find easier and faster pain points that don’t perform properly and redesign mechanisms of delivering value. It all comes down to how you can connect them in the most advanced, efficient and creative way capable of making a difference.

So, we come to the conclusion that having all pieces of the puzzle in place isn’t enough to be able to see the whole picture.

Having all of this, we can finally start creating the puzzle and since we are creative enough, start forming various implementations by combining pieces from different puzzles. And if this sounds too complicated I would like to remind you that in our days, nothing is linear or predefined, everything has to be adjusted to the actual need we have to serve in real time.