Alite International is thrilled to announce the release of our own CSO’s, George Achillias, book Revealing The Invisible: How our hidden behaviors became the most valuable commodity of the 21st century.

The book covers some of the most intriguing themes of today such as; How our invisible behaviors are being captured and monetized, the dawn of Autonomous vehicles and AI, the rise of the postindustrial era, the future of Blockchain and cryptocurrency and much more. The book acknowledges both the values and the treats of these disruptors and lets you see it from different point of views.

The communication that will occur between these intelligent objects across broad digital ecosystems and the level of transparency and collaboration this will create is something our minds still can’t grasp. So be sure not to disregard the power of machine learning and AI as it will change the world as we know it and the human experience.

George is a digital business strategist who specializes in applying design-led and human centric strategies into the value chain of an organization, while enhancing the current business operations. He is leading the strategy at Alite and works closely with the board to deliver growth.

We are proud to have him in our team and we congratulate him on his success!