From hard copy data storing to complete digital footprint powered by Alite IoT solution

To secure a smart future, manufacturers are leveraging the Internet of Things. Their aim is through IoT to reshape product development and production in order for previously incoherent and disjointed systems and devices to become connected, so the stream of data they produce can be turned into actionable insights.

Numerous businesses are approaching Alite International seeking for a solution for their undigitized businesses.


  • Starting point

Both the business and their clients are influenced by the fast-changing world. It isn't enough to just provide the clients with a product. They need to offer additional value for their products and make a difference for their clients.

Even though there is no universal rule or solution, we are starting with the following goals: increase global competitiveness and improve value offering, at the same time with cost reduction.

  • How do we do it?

By deploying our unique approach, implementing IoT, Cloud services and smart analytics, starting from scratch, Alite International is delivering custom made, scalable and cost-efficient digital solution that transforms the business to be fully prepared for the new 4.0 Industry.

The data is used as a starting point in order to build a completely new ecosystem of services - IoT incorporated platform, suitable for both existing and new systems.

  • Steps that we take prior execution

The lack of data in a convenient - digital format is often the main obstacle. In a lot of cases, immediate development in the stagnated technology is also needed. Alite is scanning the current situation and then using existing smart devices as the door opener to digitalized data gathering, storing and analyzing. Afterward, Alite provides different solutions like a visualization of their production processes in real time on the dashboards of the system.

  • The outcome:

Using IoT, Cloud services and smart analytics, the business and their customers are now provided with insight into the actual functioning of their systems by using several consecutive functions:

  • Performance tracking (information on product system performance): Monitors the performance of the equipment, sets alarms and proves compliance
  • Process Optimization (use of knowledge to optimize processes): Predicts maintenance needs, enabling preventive maintenance that saves resources
  • Worldwide Connectivity: their devices are connected and accessible in real time all over the world
  • Compliance: enables monitoring and documentation


Applicability and Benefits across industries

Alite IoT solution has the power to radically reshape every aspect of product development and delivery, from the plant floor to the value chain.

3 Main functions are:

  • Better tracking and sensor-based alerts trigger preventive actions, allowing to react beforehand and save resources
  • The manufacturer can feed information from other systems and devices directly back into the production line, enabling them to make improvements in days or even hours
  • Manufacturers can automatically identify potential equipment failures before they happen, protecting employees and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Our solution is also flexible because can be easily integrated with other systems and can start learning from them.

Another very important fact to emphasize is that we have highly skilled and experienced team that can offer quality and scalable solutions developed fast and reliable and they can be integrated with other systems or services in no time.


Want to know more about how to digitalize your business and the benefits of IoT?

There is no one-fits-all IoT solution - request a free consultation with our experts and find out how IoT can serve your business!