Together we create the next big thing, while enhancing the present.

If you want to go somewhere fast, you go alone. If you want to go somewhere far, you have to go with someone else. We are fast and we go far.

Our way of working

Apart from the technology, we have excelled in applying strategic design, having one mission in our minds: To create relevant services and products.

In order to do that, we exploit how data will form the basis for new revenue streams

Machine Learning

and data science exponentially increase the value of your data asset

Users insights and validations are gathered with different qualitative and quantitative methods, adapted to capture key insights in every phase through the process.

Data as core of your new lines of revenue. Merge data / machine learning output with your digital development methods.

We use data in a completely new way to build capabilities

Insights As A Service

Augmented raw data with data science techniques and machine learning to deliver insights. For instance, expose location interpretation as a service to developers.

Profiling & Micro-Segmentation As A Service

Turn your consumer data into a precise knowledge of who they are as human beings in a format that is useful for them. Expose profiles for developers and integration services.

Micro-services Delivery

Ability for developers to access data services and build micro-services in agile and iterative manner.

Machine Learning As A Service

Develop data applications based on a combination of your data and third party data to deliver value-added products. Example: performance scores based on IOT data.


We have created a revolutionary new integration platform, we call TyphoonX. It’s a highly-sophisticated cloud native toolkit that enables liquid architecture, predicated on the intelligent use of microservices and serverless concepts. TyphoonX is a cloud native development and continuous deployment framework aimed to ease the creation of complex cloud business solutions.

TyphoonX is cloud platform created by Alite.

  • It uses a micro-service architecture which takes advantage of AWS services to deliver over 100 services to customers.
  • TyphoonX enables us to deliver cloud-friendly applications that don’t just run in the cloud but embrace elastic scalability, ephemeral filesystems, statelessness, and treat everything as a service.
  • Applications built this way can scale and deploy rapidly, allowing development teams to add new features and react quickly to market changes and then use this in a compatible format.


We don't only provide services to transfer business organisations and data to the cloud. We take it to a whole new level helping organisations identify, launch and scale new businesses, disrupting industries and creating new revenue streams.

Custom IoT Solutions

It’s not just connecting devices, it is about creating value. With our custom IoT solutions, your business can achieve significant cost reductions visible almost instantly. We can shape your IoT solutions to your needs by using a whole new take in the digital revolution.

Customer Engagement

Who are you? Where are you? What do you want? Who is the competition? We don’t know but we are experts in finding it out and helping our customers to excel in their online presence. Customers expect personalized experiences. Creating unique, face-to-face branded experiences has more impact than ever in a world dominated by digital media.

Customers expect personalized experiences. Creating unique, face-to-face branded experiences has more impact than ever in a world dominated by digital media. Companies that can deliver them effectively and successfully—and across all channels—are more profitable and successful. To deliver the experience you need contextual information about your customers. You need to know all about their past and current interactions with you. You need to understand exactly where they are in their buyer's journey, and what they’re trying to do right now. With this context, you’re in a position to offer useful, relevant, personal experiences, exactly when the customer is most receptive. To deliver an outstanding customer experience, companies need a well-oiled marketing machine of actionable insights, strategies, and systems. That's where our customer engagement team comes in. We create experiences that build businesses. We combine the best thought leadership of the consulting world with the leading capabilities of the marketing services industry to support the clients' business needs, such as launching new products, repositioning a brand or participating in the social world.

Digital Strategy and Advisory

We don’t form digital strategies. But we do design and deploy sophisticated user-centric business strategies for the digital age. And we do that by helping our clients becoming digital transformed companies. We use our skills, talents and owned technology IP to deliver and deploy transformational roadmaps to our clients able to change not only the way the address their industry but also the experience they provide to their partners.

Strategy Advisory is a process of advising organisations on high levels decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results in a fast paced changing world. It's all about earning superior profits and beating the competition. Strategy is distinct from operations in the sense that strategy addresses the question: what do we do?", while operations address the question "how do we do it?".


we use technology as enabler in order to understand and deliver exceptional user focused relevant experiences


we work on a well orchestrated, well choreographed way in order to avoid the waste of time while we learn fast from failures.


having the best talent and skills in place, we aim to deliver a detailed driven but with global impact solution and implementation


We integrate platforms and systems allowing us to look at client data holistically. We help clients understand what needs improvement, what works and how to reach the right customers online more effectively and efficiently.

We can help you connect the dots between marketing & technology.

Grow traffic, convert leads and track the entire process - all in one place.

From the first interaction to the end of the customer journey, our team will be there every step of the way.

By integrating platforms and data across all phases of the customer journey, we create smarter strategies built around what is working. Increasing revenue and the overall customer experience in the process.

And here's how.


Staying relevant and competitive in our fast-changing world has never been more complicated – or more important. We help the people we work with to understand the needs, trends and technologies of the future, and create new growth with meaningful products and services.