We think,design,architect,create,deliver,scale.

We deliver relevancy in a fast-paced changing world

What we offer

We want to help the people, the teams, the companies we work with to explore and create the thing that will make the difference. We never settle for less. We continuously enhance and widen our offering and capabilities. Whether that’s AI, advanced technologies, or immersive experiences – we are up for the challenge.

Custom IoT Solutions

It’s not just connecting devices, it is about creating value. With our custom IoT solutions, your business can achieve significant cost reductions visible almost instantly. We can shape your IoT solutions to your needs by using a whole new take in the digital revolution.

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We have created a revolutionary new integration platform, we call TyphoonX. It is a highly-sophisticated cloud native toolkit that enables liquid architecture, predicated on the intelligent use of microservices and serverless concepts. TyphoonX is a cloud native development and continuous deployment framework aimed to ease the creation of complex cloud business solutions.

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We do not only provide services to transfer business organisations and data to the cloud. We take it to a whole new level where we help organisations identify, launch and scale new businesses, by disrupting industries and creating new revenue streams.

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Customer Engagement

Who are you? Where are you? What do you want? Who is your competition? We are the experts that will help you answer these questions and excel in your online presence. Customers expect personalized experiences. Creating unique, face-to-face branded experiences has more impact than ever in a world dominated by digital media.

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Digital Strategy and Advisory

We do not form digital strategies. But we do design and deploy sophisticated user-centric business strategies for the digital age. And we do that by helping our clients become digitally transformed companies. We use our skills, talents and owned technology IP to deliver and deploy transformational roadmaps to our clients for them to be able to change not only the way they address their industry but also the experience they provide to their partners.

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We integrate platforms and systems allowing us to look at client data holistically. We help clients understand what needs improvement, what works and how to reach the right customers online more effectively and efficiently.

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Our Work

Staying relevant and competitive in our fast-changing world has never been more complicated or more important. We help the people we work with to understand the needs, trends and technologies of the future, and create new growth with meaningful products and services.

Being part of an ecosystem of global partners

We consider technology as the cornerstone of everything we do, but we also master the art of creating value using technology as an enabler in different, more complex ecosystems.

Our Thinking

We love to learn and we love to share the knowledge we have, our fact-based opinions and our way of doing things.