Digital Strategy and Advisory

We do not form digital strategies.
But we do design and deploy sophisticated user-centric business strategies for the digital age.

And we do that by helping our clients become digitally transformed companies.

We use our skills, talents and our own technology IP to deliver and deploy transformational roadmaps to our clients that are able to change not only the way they address their industry but also the experience they provide to their partners.

Strategy Advisory is a process of advising organizations about high level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using industry knowledge to deliver the best results in a world that is ever-changing. It is all about earning superior profits and beating the competition. Strategy is distinct from operations in the sense that strategy addresses the question: “what do we do?”, while operations addresses the question “how do we do it?”.


we use technology as an enabler to help us understand and deliver exceptional user-focused, relevant experiences.


we work in a well-orchestrated, well-choreographed way in order to avoid waste of time while we are quick to learn from failures.


having the best talent and skills in place, we aim to deliver a detailed solution with global impact and implementation.

We articulate strategies that position technology as a differentiator, as a core enabler.

In Alite we do not design typical inside-out strategies, but we focus on creating a vehicle for our clients that will make them create, scale up and deliver value through developing superior products and services for the market. We use a design-led approach to not only understand the context of what we want to achieve, but also to map out in detail the users we want to address and how we are going to be relevant to their moments of truth, making sure we always have the right service and experience for them.

We strongly believe that our world is not binary and moments can have multiple stages or situations at the same time.

We believe that users have a non-linear interaction with organizations and what really matters is the understanding of the context. Based on our methods and technologies we can address them and map them. And we deliver faster and better relevancy.

We have the best data strategists and scientists in place, and their work and the tools they use allow us to make decisions in real time, being proactive and not reactive.

“It is better to drive a car looking forward than to be looking in the rear-view mirror”