Custom IoT Solutions

It is not just connecting devices – it is about creating value.

With our custom IoT solutions, your business can achieve significant benefits, visible almost instantly.

We can shape your IoT solutions to your needs by using a whole new take in the digital revolution.

AWS Partnership

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with the proven capability to design, build, deploy and manage cloud architecture on AWS.

Our team of AWS certified engineers, architects, and developers work alongside you to design your next cloud project no matter how specific and sophisticated your needs may be. Our AWS experts can help you redesign your operations, migrate and manage them on the cloud regardless of the industry you are in.


We generate value for our customers by sharing the same mindset. Based on our expertise in Business, Technology, and Organisational Development, we deliver MVPs in a matter of weeks allowing us to create value from the very beginning.

Business Development

Considering IoT, some of the major challenges that immediately come to mind are ROI and monetisation. However, with our experience in using technology in conjunction with IoT, we’ve overcome these obstacles and helped numerous organisations in shaping their business, keeping customers and influencing the industry at large.


  •   Cost Reduction
  •   Predictive Maintenance
  •   Connected Services
  •   SLAs & KPIs
  •   APIs
  •   New Revenue Streams
  •  Servitization
  •  New Business Models
Organisational Development

The IoT success and the business digitisation depend highly on the people involved. We don’t go for a one-size-fits-all solution – we have people with the optimal skill set for each project. It’s what sets us apart. 


Change / Establish / Coach

  • Management
  • Customers
  • DevOps
  • Support
  • Sales
Technology Development

We have a dynamic approach that consists of an established set of modules to handle any type of application or service. The infrastructure of the solutions and operations is automated as much as possible, both in terms of deployment and maintenance, as well as scaling and availability.


  • Cost Management – Pay for what you use only
  • Security – Allow only authorised users to access the data and infrastructure
  • Scalability & Availability – Scale up/down depending on computing power and availability
  • Integration & Extendibility – Extend your solution with more functionality and integrate with other solutions easily

IOT – Delivering Value Across The Spectrum


We talk data and data leads to insights. With the proper insights,
we can help you deploy the relevant technology hence creating value for your business.
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